Give a Spin To Your Game Trophy with the Help of Wildlife Recapture

Wildlife Recapture’ Taxidermy is an eminent provider of taxidermy services in Montana. We provide professional and top-grade quality of taxidermy services on various species of mammals, birds etc. Our clients are basically hunters, museum owners, and entrepreneurs. They can go through our taxidermy project portfolio and choose what they want. Our accomplished taxidermists have made mounts, skulls, rugs and antlers for offices, cabins, and homes.

Our key objective is to dominate the market of ‘wildlife taxidermy’ services. We give a realistic touch to our taxidermy objects with the help of state-of-the-art techniques. We make use of high-quality mounting materials, futuristic conservation equipment and casting for transforming a popular game trophy into a stunning taxidermy display. In addition to providing top-notch quality services in taxidermy, we sell various taxidermy items. We have the license for offering the ‘taxidermy services’ across Montana. We have local, national and international customers.

Wildlife Recapture provide unsurpassed cleaning and restoration services. With professional assistance from us, it is possible to give a spin to a ‘mount’ or an old rug and help it look brand new. We provide coloring and repair services as well. Our proficient and experienced taxidermists have the expertise of repairing damaged briskets, bullet holes and broken tines to an impeccable finish. With their technical efficiency, the taxidermists breathe life into animal specimens and give them a new look.

We abide by ethical policies and maintain transparency in dealing with customers. We are approved by the USDA and show a high level of professionalism in conduct. Our first-rate quality cleaning, repair, and restoration service and unparalleled quality ‘taxidermy products’ have helped us to earn positive reviews from many of our customers around the world. Our conduct is governed by ethics and we charge reasonably.

We are USDA-approved and perform taxidermy on the mount and hunting trophies. We are licensed to store, display and process the ‘restricted materials’. We use the ‘Hunter International Brokerage Services’ for helping the American hunters in getting back trophies to the United States of America through the customs in a trouble-free manner. We even sponsor the ‘Eastmans' Deer Tour Philanthropic Endeavors’ and appreciably donate to this specific project.

We are located in the Northwest Montana of the United States. We work with the different types of animals which include fowl, bears, fresh fish etc. We sell a whole lot taxidermy product that includes artificial tails, antlers, rug shells, change-out heads, testicles and much more. In the rug category, you can choose from an incredible collection which includes Otter rug, Alaska brown bear rug, Wolverine rug, Badger rug, Raccoon rug, Coyote rug, Beaver rug, Wolf rug, Fox rug, Lynx rug, Bobcat rug, Black Bear rug etc.

To buy top-grade quality personalized mounts, you can check out our Wildlife Recapture website. Being Montana State’s resident you may drop by the store. In addition to providing high-quality taxidermy products, we even provide ‘taxidermy workshops’ and animal classes for the experienced and amateur taxidermists. Our unsurpassed work quality, affordable pricing, and transparency in dealing with customers and prompt delivery have earned us many overseas and domestic clients.


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